Test From Android


Test post, cute kid.

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Test From Blackberry

The WordPress for BlackBerry app is awesome. Unfortunately, I have the 8830 which has no camera, which makes it less interesting.

Update: I hate the way it inlines images.

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Caring Enough to Share Less

Today marks the end of my FaceBook oversharing. I’m sure that for many of you this announcement is long overdue. For those of you who aren’t linked to me on FaceBook, the situation I created looked like this:

my oversharing on FaceBook

I channeled all of my activity from Twitter, Google Reader, YouTube, Pandora … and every other social networking site possible into my FriendFeed, and was pushing that firehose of stuff up onto FaceBook, quite often pushing the activity from your other friends off the screen. If FaceBook had more robust filtering and viewing capabilities available to their users, this would have been great, but that’s not the case.

I think I came up with a good solution. I created a new private room on FriendFeed that only draws from a subset of my shared stuff, which should hopefully cut down on the noise, and make me a much more likable FaceBook citizen. Please let me know if there’s still too much (or not enough).

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Universal Communication Client

I need a unified communication client. Something that does IM, posts to my blog, twitter, facebook and my other social networks all from the same place. That way when I’m busy I can universally set my status to busy and everyone knows that I’m hard at work, or switch to available and let the information flood in.

There you go internet. I’ve asked for it … I need you to deliver.

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Chrome Now Likes WordPress

The Chrome 2 beta released a few days ago finally plays nicely with WordPress and IntenseDebate. I’d like to say that that’s what’s kept me from posting for so long but we all know that’s not true. :-D

And yes, this is yet another post on Chrome.

Update: For the record, the problem was that Chrome was using an old version of WebKit. They’re now using buildĀ 528.8 which has fixed some rendering bugs.

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ABC Sucks

I’m a fan of Lost. Some of you aren’t, and that’s fine. My point is that ABC won’t put their video on Hulu or anywhere else. They force me to install the move media player, which I’ve tried … I’ve really tried. I’ve tried everything down to researching registry hacks. In the time I’ve spent researching solutions that don’t work, I could have watched several episodes WITH commercials, and would have done so gladly. Instead I’m forced to find an ‘unauthorized’ copy because ABC cares more about locking down their video than they do about their fans.

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One More Chrome Post

So, like some of the nuts on the internet, when Chrome came out I tried to make the complete switch away from Firefox, and went right back. After abandoning the switch, I kept my Chrome icon right next to Firefox in my quicklaunch, and it still gets clicked a lot. Anytime I need to check something quickly, or don’t want to do any real “work” on the web, Chrome is the browser I use.

I’m embarking on a new experiment to see if I can easily set up a second profile for FireFox that will launch the browser with no extensions and see how it works for small jobs. When FireFox goes 3.1 it will have all of the features I like most about Chrome (except for the separate process architecture which really makes me want Chrome to ‘win’ in the end), and I’d really rather be a one-browser man.

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Google Chrome Officially Leaves Beta

I’m in the middle of the road with Chrome. It’s good enough that I use it when I don’t need add-ons. It launches fast, is stable and reliable, but I can’t switch yet. I believe that Firefox has gained most of its share of the browser space by being extensible and filling needs that IE doesn’t provide, not simply by being more compliant to web standards. Once add-ons are supported in Chrome, Firefox will have a run for its money.

The Firefox extension that I miss the most in Chrome is Ubiquity.

Google Chrome Officially Leaves Beta

By Adam Pash, 10:42 AM on Thu Dec 11 2008

Windows only: Google’s new web browser, Google Chrome, has officially left its beta tag in the dust, graduating to a full-fledged 1.0 release today just 100 days after the initial release.

Yesterday we told you Google Chrome would be leaving beta soon, but we had no idea it would be this soon. According to the Official Google Blog:

We have removed the beta label as our goals for stability and performance have been met but our work is far from done. We are working to add some common browser features such as form autofill and RSS support in the near future. We are also developing an extensions platform along with support for Mac and Linux.

Good news all around for folks excited about what Google Chrome has to offer. If you’ve been waiting to try it out until Chrome dropped the beta tag, check out our power user’s guide to Google Chrome. Still a Firefox die-hard but like a few of Chrome’s better features? Here’s how to enable Chrome’s best features in Fireox.

Google Chrome [via Official Google Blog]

via Featured Windows Download: Google Chrome Officially Leaves Beta.

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Chromed Out

Google has a nice product in Chrome, but I’ve decided to move back to Firefox while Chrome bakes a little longer. A few reasons for switching back to Firefox:

  • Chrome was unable to access a linksys control panel on my friend’s network, other random pages break as well
  • Chrome crashed my gmail tab with a ctrl+z while typing email more times than I can forgive
  • I miss my Firefox addons

Google has given me a taste of something new, and I hope the overall conceptual improvements in Chrome make their way to Firefox, but let’s face it, we all live in the browser these days. I need the web to work, and I get more utility with Firefox without webapps that break. Chrome still kicks the crap out of safari though. Nobody on earth should be using that trash. Seriously.

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Like many others, I had to download Google’s new browser Chrome today to see what it’s all about. The major features that are being bragged about by Google are

  • tabs isolated in separate processes
  • plugins isolated in separate processes
  • awesome automated testing
  • sandboxes for each tab
  • webkit for html rendering
  • v8 javascript interpreter/compiler
  • the omnibox
  • gears integration
Having a new process for each tab does require a bit of memory. Very informally I’ve seen tabs take about 20 ~ 45 mb each. I don’t mind having the extra overhead since each individual tab is well behaved, they all seem to stay rather small in size, and no single tab can kill the whole browser.
For a beta browser Chrome has been more stable than the first few betas of Firefox 3 that I used. That doesn’t surprise me though since Google tests Chrome by using it to automatically crawl thousands to millions of sites with each new build. At this point I get the feeling that it might be a day or two before I actually hit a page that kills a tab. Once developers start creating extensions for the browser that will likely start to mess with things too.
I won’t bother to cover all of the other features in depth, but I do have to applaud the V8 javascript virtual machine. All of the ajax I played around with today was as fast or faster than anything I’ve ever seen. Whether Chrome survives on its own, or if its features get incorporated into future versions of Firefox, Safari, or even IE, the web will be a different place starting today.
It’s not all good though. I miss my favorite extensions from firefox, especially adblock plus, mouse gestures, weave and ubiquity. Bookmark organization is missing, and I’m sure the options panel can be beefed up to allow more browser settings to be adjusted.
A lot of functionality still needs to be added, but it’s an excellent browser if you’re just checking your morning/evening internets.
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